My Homeschool Journey

Welcome to an inside peek at my homeschool journey. It was in 2009 when my husband and I made the bold decision to homeschool our youngest child, then in second grade. We pulled him out of traditional school mid-year, driven by a blend of intuition and conviction. The surprising part? We never looked back.

Not long after, my daughter, a bright fifth grader, caught on to the wave of homeschooling that swept through our home. She joined her younger brother in the homeschooling journey. By the end of that academic year, my oldest son, initially intent on pursuing traditional school education, gave homeschooling a try. And so it was that our home was filled with three homeschooled children - a whirlwind of learning, exploration, and not infrequently, sibling rivalry.

For years, our home was a bustling hub of homeschooling activity. Days passed filled with trials, tribulations, triumphs, and treasured moments. There were moments when I was brought to the brink of burnout, questioning the effectiveness of our approach, and doubting whether the children were learning anything of value at all. Moments when sibling squabbles threatened to eclipse the joy of teaching. There were tears, stress, and fear - but through it all, there was a profound, underlying joy. A joy in watching my children grow, learn and engage with the world around them in a way that was so uniquely theirs. An excitement that sprung from the privilege of being there, up close and personal, for each little victory and lesson learned.

Today, as I look back, my heart fills with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. My three homeschooled children are now thriving adults, one of whom has blossomed into an aerospace engineer! While the road we walked was winding, filled with uncertainties and challenges, the fruits of our homeschooling journey were worth every struggle.

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